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In the second half of year 2009 a group of 5 players (DANG3RZ0N, Lord Raien, Sir Hazirox, umkillass187 and me under the nickname of Arterian, because Frozen Mind was conceptually a loner) registered a faction named "Team Handsome". The name was chosen from the list of gang names in FOnline MMO (unofficial and free expansion of Fallout 2 video game) on the international 2238 server. This way I broke my promise of playing only one character, which was a lone wolf. Despite the lack of recruitment procedure, number of active group members greatly increased. Usually, only trusted friends from real-life were invited . It was much harder to find a reliable player from the wasteland. Why? Because in history of the game (not only of the mentioned server) there were stories about infiltration of gangs and their bases by spies. People sacrificed their time to build false identities and relationships just to gain access to targeted faction’s resources. After some time they’d bring fully armed friends and perform the "baserape" ritual. After the cleaning, culture of the game required raiders to form by using brahmin crap an inscription - raiding faction name/tag - or at least symbolic phallus. Regardless of our safety measures, two parasites joined our honorable company. Fortunately, it was possible to track them, without rising destructive distrust between fair members. Ironically, our faction participated in one joint and two individual baserape operations. I have to mention though, our actions were justified - targeted factions deserved it by their disrespect toward us. We were also able to execute two fusions with other gangs - old The Guardians and much later Modus Operandi (MO in short). Records indicate, that our group reached 30 members.

The detailed description of LAW faction (including members list) is to be found on the archival page of FOnline: 2238 Wiki.

2. LAW

Our gang respected and promoted role-play. We have participated and even introduced to the server new RP events and projects. We had a concept of town driven and protected by players (to be specific, by our gang). The suggested name of location was "Los Alamos", as the reference to American scientific research facility in the field of nuclear technology located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Member named DANG3RZ0N was responsible for most of this idea, especially for Los Alamos map in FOnline engine. Every part of the plan was polished in January 2010, yet 2238’s developers chose not to implement our concept. Regardless of that, we’ve picked "Los Alamos Warriors" as our faction name. After some long time Wipe (one of the game masters then) added LAW to faction names list and we had to quickly purchase it in the game.


We have never considered ourselves pro-players and we never were. We’ve played strictly for our enjoyment, for those funny moments spent together. Tense military-grade teamwork, an extensive farming of valuable items and virtual money, a recruitment of sociopaths and troglodytes, who were very effective in combat - those things weren’t our style. Minority of members having problem with that moved to Bang Bang Smash faction. Regardless of our non-professionalism, LAW became recognized in the wasteland for very original operations, including patrols around populated towns in order to intercept illegal goods (e.g. explosives). Such items were found by conducting a body search, after an individual holstered or dropped his weapon. Another examples of famous actions were: giving the quest for finding a shrubbery, slave-fight pits, the real-time ambush using hundred slaves army, traps for intruders inside our base, distribution of basic weaponry and armors for beginners and much more.


We usually didn’t participate in town control, which doesn’t mean we avoided fight against other players. During patrols around cities we’ve sometimes encountered better armed and experienced players, who didn’t want to obey our polite requests. In that case, we had to switch from civilized to annihilation mode. The final outcome of such fights was favorable for us, until Soldiers of Thunderdome appeared on the server. At first, SoT composed exclusively of Russians. They’ve punished us with their drugged (overdosed actually) and heavily armed characters made strictly for kicking the ass. They’ve even skipped a skill of bubblegum chewing and English speaking for sake of murdering better. Thanks to them, the population (especially Polish) moved from New California Republic to the south - Hub. Even LAW had to move its patrols to the west - the city of fish smell, derelict oil tankers, Chinese futurocommies and Hubububu faction. San Francisco in short.


A single player doesn’t have much chance of survival on the wasteland, unless stays close to his tent (or cave). Each longer walk may result in an encounter with hostile radscorpions, bandits, murderers and even the Green Patrol. For an inexperienced character such events may end by his miserable death. Visiting guarded towns isn’t much safer - you can get robbed, shot, blown up and become divided into hundreds of red pixels. In fact some loners do inhabit the wasteland and are called "mad maxes". The most famous was named Parano. Others usually joined minor or major groups and became corrupted. Smaller gangs allied with other or merged with larger groups, which finally resulted in bipolar system. It was true for North Alliance and it’s counterpart - Dark Alliance . Los Alamos Warriors wasn’t part of any of this. However, we’ve allied with other factions as well. The first ally was Polish Red Dot Faction - but not longer than their investment in numbers, not quality. Another allies were Finns (I always had problem with remembering acronyms) and Germans from new The Guardians (because the previous one was merged to our faction). Finns were actually our respected enemies before and we engaged in balanced fights against them in San Francisco area. The score was on our side though. We also had a pact with Russian gang under the leader named Kanzas . In case of infamous SoT visiting our fight, we were supposed to become neutral and fight against it together. Later on we cooperated with NCR Rangers and NCR Army. Although, our best ally was "Sierociniec" (from Polish "Orphanage") under official name of Street Queens. It was a faction aimed to introduce new Polish players into the dangerous wasteland, lead by commonly known Wichura. It became something much more than simple tutorial for beginners. We’ve executed many joint operations consisting of role-play and fun.


In autumn of 2009 I installed and turned on "FOnline" video game, which was the modified version of Fallout turned into MMO RPG. While creating my first character there I realized the need of proper naming, specially for this climatic game. After consideration, I typed "Frozen Mind", which was based on the title of "Wind of Frozen Mind Entertainment". What was it? If someone saw my promotional video for de_arcticstorm map in Counter-Strike: Source video game, he’d have a chance to notice the part, where human skeleton was burrowed by snow in the mountains (left picture). This animation was supposed to appear in every my video as characteristic and easy to remember element. Nevertheless, I gave up with it, since there weren’t many videos to show. What’s worth mentioning, I also use "Frozen one" name. I haven’t got a second character until "Team Handsome" was created. Since then I’ve created many various characters, most of them with a backstory. Some character data is presented below.

Frozen Mind - slaver

Affiliation: -
Rank: -
Status: missed in action
Character: lawful neutral
Age: 32
Origin: wasteland
Appearance: short dark blonde hair
Favorite weapon: FN FAL, AK-112
Favorite armor: Combat Leather Jacket

He has never met his father, neither has heard of him. The only parent was his mother. Living in a tent amid mountains, Frozen Mind learnt survival skill and self-reliance. He’s also possessed the knowledge of handling small arms, using first aid and crafting survival tools. However, Frozen hates dogs. When he was still a child, wild hounds attacked the tent. The view of torn mother’s corpse will never be washed off Frozen’s mind. Since then, he has started the journey across the wasteland. Visiting North, Frozen became a member of Slaver’s Guild. He travelled further and stopped in NCR, which was one of the safest regions back then. There, he has started to build and train the army of slaves.

Aida - slaver

Affiliation: Los Alamos Warriors
Rank: -
Status: active
Charakter: neutral evil
Age: 26
Origin: Den
Appearance: average body type, black ponytail hair
Favorite weapon: Scoped Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Desert Eagle, Plasma Rifle
Favorite armor: Combat Armor MKII, Combat Leather Jacket

She grew up in Den, although didn’t engage in emptying others pockets, like most kids there did. Her parents were slavers in Slaver’s Guild, therefore she was raised as a hunter. The town also gave her lessons about limiting a trust to other people, as well as to stick to her own business. Already in childhood she was a cold and withdrawn girl. Thanks to Aida’s parents, she quickly acquired skills of survival, basics of first aid and firearms handling. During her travels to Vortis, Aida has met members of Los Alamos Warriors. She figured, that by joining LAW she’ll escape from her boring life in Den. Aida proved to be a great team leader - surely because of her man managing skills. Slaves "recruited" by her have became a considerable force - policing LAW base and patrolling the wasteland. During her days spent on enemy territory, Aida learnt the skill of handling energy weapons.

Lady Arctica - crafter

Affiliation: Los Alamos Warriors
Rank: -
Status: missed in action
Charakter: lawful neutral
Age: 24
Origin: Den
Appearance: average body type, shoulder-length black hair
Favorite weapon: SMG 10mm
Favorite armor: Combat Leather Jacket, Leather Armor

Aida’s younger sister. She’s spent most of her childhood in the workshop with tools in her hands. Not that she wasn’t loved by parents, or something... Her natural curiosity just developed into a crafting skill, that’s all. While encountering Aida in Den after her alleged "missing" from home, Arctica became curious about sister’s advanced equipment. Like very, very curious. Aida couldn’t get rid of Arcitca, what resulted in an argument. Between curses and another "fuck off" phrases, Aida slipped "LAW" word away. Aida wasn’t trying to protect Arctica from LAW - she was concerned about competition in weapon and armor crafting. Unfortunately for Aida, Arctica learnt about LAW base location on her own and soon joined the faction. Moreover, she began to create better equipment than her sister. After longer time Lady Arctica disappeared without a trace. Mean warriors say, that she has met even older sister in a Power Armor and in a result joined the Enclave. The other popular version is that she had permanently locked herself in a workshop. Fortunately for those gossipers, Aida has never heard any of these versions.

Pvt. Feral (previously: Feral Slave) - wilder

Affiliation: Los Alamos Warriors
Rank: private
Status: active
Charakter: chaotic neutral
Age: 27
Origin: wasteland
Appearance: dosyć niski, krępy, łysy
Favorite weapon: P90C, Plasma Grenade
Favorite armor: Metal Armor MKII, Leather Armor MKII

Born and rised in Wilders camp nearby the coast - between ruins of Los Angeles and San Francisco. His tribe was always hostile to aliens (by that I mean others of course). He was caught as a youngster fighting the caravan and then was sold to Slaver’s Guild in Den. Quickly bought by caravaneers from Redding and forced to carry a treasure of wasteland (obviously some various trash). During route back from Den the caravan encountered Los Alamos patrol. That was the moment they’ve permanently lost their traveling motif of life, except for Feral Slave, who’s found... or rather has been found by and drafted to Los Alamos Warriors as private. The service in LAW forces required removal of bone stuck to nostrils, which was some kind of wild tribal tend during that time. Feral Slave discovered his new favorite scent of a gun powder. After putting on the metal armor and taking Psycho, Feral becomes a cook. The enemy stuffed with lead and the stew on plasma were two Feral’s popular dishes of the day.

Cpl. Dorian - Los Alamos soldier

Affiliation: Los Alamos Warriors
Rank: corporal
Status: killed in action
Charakter: neutral
Age: 35
Origin: Los Alamos
Appearance: Quite high, muscular, short dark hair
Favorite weapon: LSW, Rocket Launcher, Minigun
Favorite armor: Combat Armor, Leather Armor

An experienced soldier. The last serious fights were taken near San Francisco (the conflict was named "Hungarian swarm") while supporting his allies related to Street Queens. Most battles were taken in city ruins, using the tactic of ambushes, quick elimination and even quicker extraction - connected to obtaining a valuable loot. After the retreat of hostile armies from the region, corporal Dorian became a guardian of stalkers in their trips to Glow. When asked about his retirement, he quickly becomes upset. Dorian never wields only one weapon - LSW in hands and a tube on his back are a common sign of Dorian.

Sgt. Ares (later: Judge Ares) - Los Alamos soldier

Affiliation: Los Alamos Warriors
Rank: sergeant
Status: active
Charakter: chaotic good
Age: 36
Origin: Los Alamos
Appearance: przeciętna wysokość, krępy, bardzo krótkie jasne włosy
Favorite weapon: M60, Rocket Launcher, Avenger
Favorite armor: Brotherhood Armor, Metal Armor MKII, Leather Armor MKII

His blood is refined by caffeine and tobacco. His list titled "I hate..." starts with Super Mutants and is too long to scroll to the bottom in order to type down what’s there, sorry. Somewhere there is an objection as well. Ares has unnatural tendency of survival. Perhaps, if super mutants focused on thinking, instead of scratching their asses, they wouldn’t have to learn about that tendency. The one thing is sure - Ares was sent to the west not only because of his traits, but also due to his rough nature.

Lt. Sanchez - Los Alamos officer

Affiliation: Los Alamos Warriors
Rank: lieutenant
Status: active
Charakter: natural good
Age: 38
Origin: Los Alamos
Appearance: averagte body type, middle-length dark-gray hair
Favorite weapon: Pancor Jackhammer, Plasma Grenade
Favorite armor: Robe

Calm and diplomatic leader of the Western Mission, sent by original Los Alamos Warriors from New Mexico. He’s hard to meet outside of LAW headquarters and even if that happens, it’s hard to recognize his face covered by shadow of a hood.


Despite the fact it’s difficult of find LAW team on the wasteland, or anywhere else, we still do exist. Not exactly in the wolrd of FOnline, but you stilla have a chance to encounter the remnants of Los Alamos Warriors patrol. Fully armed and proud of their name. Some of us still occupy our IRC channel. There is also some LAW related merchandise here. But really, thanks to all of you for the game and alliances we had!